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Our Offerings

We offer a variety of yoga practices and workshops to fit your personal goals. Whether you need to tone your body, relieve aches and pains, or take your yoga practice to the next level, there is something for everybody at 180 balance.


A typical Kundalini yoga class is comprised of three parts: an opening chant (known as “tuning in”) followed by a brief warm-up for your spine, a kriya (which is a sequence of postures paired with breathing techniques), and a closing meditation or song. ... Chanting and singing are also key components of Kundalini yoga.

Gentle Stretch Yoga

You’ll enjoy the benefits of slowing down body and mind in this slow paced yoga class. This class will be softer and more nurturing, aiming to calm the nervous system and release the muscles and connective tissue. It'll feel as nice as a long warm bath. Great for beginners or to deepen and focus on your existing practice.

Empower Flow

In this beginner friendly vinyasa class, you'll build on to the essentials, discover new postures, and work to add more challenges (of both mind and body) to your practice. Expect slower movement and options including modifications.

Transcend Flow

A powerful yoga that will challenge your muscles, stamina and spirit. Previous vinyasa experience recommended. Great for Intermediate to advanced yogis. Expect a faster paced, heat generating flow that will exhaust the body to clear the mind.

Hot Yoga

It’s around 105+ degrees. It’s humid. It’s 26 postures. It’s traditional hot yoga. It’s more addictive than caffeine. Great for beginners or experienced yogis as it's always the same postures, in the same order, for the same amount of time.

Yoga Sculpt

It's to die for...and you may want to die....all in one class. This class combines weights and cardio within yoga movements. Experience in basic vinyasa recommended. More addictive than coffee. Be sure to bring a FULL water bottle!

Candlelight Flow + Meditation

In this beginner friendly practice, you'll be invited to slow down not only in movement but in breath. You will flow through slow movement for 30-35 minutes and then end the practice with a guided mediation. This class will utilize bolsters, blocks and blankets to ensure true relaxation.

Chakra Focused Classes

We offer a Chakra Empower Flow as well as a Chakra Trascend Flow. Both have the basis of exploring one or more Chakra during the vinyasa style class. The Chakra system allows us to explore and connect different energy centers along the spine and throughout the body.

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