Yogi's guide to 180 Balance

And frequently asked questions...

What do I need to bring? 

Bring your own mat, towel, and water bottle. Don't have any of those? No worries, we have everything you need, rent or buy, it's all here.

What should I wear?

The choice is yours but we recommend fitted, sweat wicking, breathable athletic clothing. Yoga pants, bike shorts, gym shorts, sports bra, tank top or tee.  Leave your outside shoes at the door; bare feet are essential.

Is there a place I can change/clean-up?

There is a bathroom available for changing. It has a shower as well so you have no excuses, join us over your lunch hour!

Where do I put my stuff?

We have hooks a plenty for your belongings  and we lock the doors during class, it's pretty safe but we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

Can I bring my children?

To our designated kids classes, most definitely, but we don't have any childcare during regular hours so the kiddos should probably stay at home during your practice. We DO NOT RECCOMEND children under the age of 15 in any HOT YOGA or BALANCE 3 classes, it's for their safety and the respect of others.

Where do I park?

There's a lot out back, (we share it with Norby's, the strip mall, and Roasted) just look for the sign and the door is beneath it, just down the short alley. There is also plenty of street parking out front and's all free.

What about my phone?

We ask that you leave it with your belongings out of the studio room, and don't forget to silence it. Most classes are just an hour and a distraction free practice is good for you and respectful to others who found the time to get to their mat. (After class... feel free to take pictures, post updates, and don't forget to tag us!)

I'm still really nervous....

Don't worry, we get it, we've been a new yogi too. We are proud to have a supportive team and a safe place to experience yoga. We will help you in any way possible and answer all of your questions to make this a fun and relaxing time.